The 102nd Annual Heath Fair

SAVE THE DATES: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - August 18 - 20, 2019, at the Heath Fairgrounds


In addition to the old-fashioned celebration of Heath and its history, the Historical Society will open the Solomon Temple Barn for viewing Heath's background as a farming community. Come on in and see the old implements. You might even help us identify one or two.

                                                                 While you're in the Solomon Temple Barn, be sure to                                                                                peruse our wonderful collection of books                                                                                                  celebrating the colorful history of our town. 

                                                                 And enter our RAFFLE! For a $1 ticket, you could win a                                                                              wonderful prize. The 2018 prizes included the following:                                                                         - a gorgeous bowl hand made by glassmaker Bob Dane

                                                                 - a beautiful hand towel woven by Sue Gruen

                                                                 - a quart of pure Massachusetts maple syrup

                                                                 - a gift certificate for Heath-made goat cheese

                                                                 - an original painting by Fred Burrington


​The Historical Society sees the annual Heath Fair to be an important part of its focus. Nearly the same age as the Society, the Fair offers an opportunity for the Society to show off some of its artifacts and publications in the old Solomon Temple Barn. It also provides a platform for speakers to talk about the history of Heath. In fact, much of the Fair is nothing but a valiant attempt to maintain the history of this community through livestock shows, craft presentations, and a small but lively parade down the center of the Fair. 
Other Projects:
Dining with History

One of the most popular Historical Society projects is the event called "Dining with History." This free program includes a potluck dinner and a good chance to catch up with old and new friends. The dinner is accompanied by a special event, often including dramatizations or readings of historical material. Usually the program includes humor as well as serious historical material. People are encouraged to bring a dish of some sort to share with the Townspeople, but of course everyone is invited regardless of their bringing something. It's always fun and always has good food. There is no set schedule for these events, but the Society tries to hold two per year, at least.

A Dining with History Event

Open Houses

The Heath Historical Society is very proud of the three main buildings under our auspices. We have the Old Schoolhouse and the Old Town House in the center of Town, and we have the historic Solomon Temple Barn situated on the Heath Fairgrounds. These buildings, each filled with Heath memorabilia, are open periodically throughout the year, as well as by appointment with the Society. 

The Solomon Temple Barn barn is open to the public during the Fair, and a Historical Society member is on hand at that time to assist people who have questions. 

Other Continuing Projects

Maintaining Ft. Shirley



Annual Raffle

Cleaning our buildings

Preparing for the annual Fair

Restoring artifacts (esp. our new buggy)

Maintaining the website

Listing artifacts